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BİRLİK KİMYA was founded in 1998. Our company serves as the official single distributor of two companies which are world leader in their fields in Turkey, Turkic Republics, and Cyprus region. Our vision is to maintain the continuity of being a company with the best service and product quality around the world. Our mission is to offer the best service to the valuable firms we have made business and profit partnership under the most economical conditions. Whatever the business volume, we have an honest, hardworking team, a modern technical infrastructure and a service network that aims to meet all of our customers’ needs.


What is Gintex?

GINTEX III, a treatment and conditioning of Cotton fibers during processing, is dedicated solely to improving profits for the cotton industry. You can use GINTEX III in ginning and textile industries both.
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Changes in the cotton industry are taking place at an unprecedented pace. Developments in the Spinning Industries have increased processing speeds seven to eight fold in the last 20 years. The addition of Moisture and GintexIII Cotton Fiber Conditioners reduces the loss of good spinnable fibers while increasing processing efficiencies yielding more pounds of yarn out the door with improved quality.
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Benefits Of Gintex Usage

This product makes it easy to spill the undesired objects (which affect the quality of the yarn such as crush, trash, etc.). This minimizes the wear on your fiber. In short what is a hair conditioner for dry hair is for gintex fiber as well.
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